Android App development

neting sviluppo e realizzazione di applicazioni mobile per androidWe are looking at an increasingly restless and wireless world. It is just impossible to ignore the mobile world, which has become a new trend in business marketing.

Do you want to develop an Android app? Choose Neting!

Neting acquired professional experience in developing Android apps for both Smartphones and Tablets and it offers personalized solutions to companies that wish to expand their business to the mobile world.

Android apps are specifically created for the Android operative system, which is supported by many smartphones and tablets.

Android apps are created to be distributed and sold in selected App stores to final clients or to be used in-house for business purposes within the company (Web App).

What can we do for your business?

We follow your company from the beginning to the end of the project:

  • Careful preliminary analysis in order to define any aspects and areas of the project
  • Tuning your project design to create an Android app with a modern and captivating interface, easy to use and responsive to your needs
  • Development and programming, realized by our expert team
  • Realizing an intuitive and user-friendly control panel in order to offer our customers complete autonomy in managing and updating the content
  • Testing activity and technical assistance
  • Publication of the app in the App store or in-house installation of the app
  • We provide monitoring tools
  • Upkeep service

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