Web App development

neting sviluppa web appsWeb applications facilitate business management operations and ease work from the distance… and they do it pretty well!

Why develop a Web App for your business management?

Neting has solid experience in creating Web Apps or in-house Business Web Applications that can fulfill different tasks:

  • Interface with the company’s back office and CRM in order to have easy access all the information to manage and made better and quicker decisions.
  • Solutions for the sales and management of information that allow easy access to product lists, price lists, documents and updated reports and estimate calculators, so that you can manage projects on the go and improve the sales’ attendants efficiency and productivity.
  • Customer Care services aimed to turn customers in loyal clients
  • Presentation of products and services on mobile through captivating presentations, videos, easy-to-access technical files, interactive and constantly updated catalogues.
  • Solutions to manage your warehouse in real time
  • Developing editorial applications for online magazines, eBooks, e-magazines that your customers can consult online and on the go, everything under your control and autonomously manageable.

… and much more.

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