URL Redirect Check

URL Redirect Check

Check for server response and redirect

Server Response Codes

Here is a list of codes that can be returned from servers.
200 OK
The request was Fullfilled.

301 Moved Permanently
The data requested has been assigned a new URI, the change is permanent.

302 Found
The requested resource actually resides under a different position. The same position should be used by the client in future requests.

304 Not Modified
The resource has not been modified since last client request.

307 Temporary Redirect
The requested resource is located under a different URI. The same position should be used by the client in future requests.

400 Bad Request
Request can not be performed because syntactically incorrect.

401 Unauthorized
Client authentication is required to load requested resource. Server answer will contain a WWW-Authenticate field in the header. Client can perform another request with an adequate Authorization field.

403 Forbidden
Server is refusing the request.

404 Not Found
Resource not found. The server was unable to find anything corresponding to the requested URI.

410 Gone
Resource unavailable and permanently removed.

500 Internal Server Error
An error occurred inside the server and the request can not be satisfied.

501 Not Implemented
The server does not support the functionalities to satisfy the request.

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