Adwords and advertising on Google



Neting is a Google partner agency and Google Adwords Certified Partner.

pubblicità su google adwordsour team of experts is able to manage advertising and promotional Adwords campaigns. After a careful analysis of your business goals, we provide you with a winning strategy, thanks to the expertise and know-how we developed through years of practice in the online advertising and digital marketing.

These are the guarantees Neting offers you:

  • Visibility on the first page on Google for the provided keywords within 48 hours;
  • Creation of your advertisements on Google using your predefined media: your choice of text only or Rich Media and Video;
  • Optimization campaign, which includes an initial study of the keywords with the client, testing and updating your campaign for the duration of the campaign – every exacting detail managed by a professional;
  • A dedicated marketing manager who will follow the campaign, updating you on the results of the campaign in terms of visibility reached;
  • Provide you constant reports, which will permit you to monitor the obtained results;
  • Flexible prices based on generated real traffic. You’ll pay only the actual clicks you receive.

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