Advertising on Mobile

pubblicita e campagne pubblicitarie mirate al mobile

Is your company ready to follow your customers on the mobile revolution?

It is a growing trend: web pages are often consulted exclusively on a smartphone or tablet, as desktops decrease in popularity.
Neting can help your company make the best out of this tendency and reach potential clients anywhere through their smartphones and tablets. Mobile advertisement is a great opportunity that few take advantage of.

By choosing Mobile advertisement you not only place your message on websites but also on applications through Google Adwords Display and AdMob in order to advertise the right product on the right platform.

Mobile Advertisement

This is the right moment to invest in Mobile Advertisement Campaigns and dedicate to this channel the attention it deserves.

Mobile advertisement allows you to target and geolocate your audience precisely, making the best out of the budget. It is possible to reach out clients in pre-defined areas and make the maximum out of the allocated funds. Mobile advertisement employs different media when creating ads, deploying photos, graphic banners, videos, and animations to catch the user’s attention.

Neting, as a SEM specialized agency, can help you optimizing your mobile advertisement taking care of every element of the campaign, from text to graphic, photos and videos.

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