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ottimizzare un sito per i motori di ricerca


Concerning a website, proper search engine optimization is a crucial element to guarantee an efficient return on investment. It is essential that the website appears in each search engine within the top results, so that it generates traffic and visibility to the website. SEO is a system that includes all the activities useful for achieving an efficient analysis and reading of the website from each search engine’s spiders. Optimizing a website means providing a perfect site map to web crawlers, in order to index site-content and provide visible search results. The process of site optimization focuses on diverse aspects of the site in question: the site structure and the URLs, accessibility of site info for all search engines, optimization source code and any errors, and the optimization of links, images, pages and content. Neting offers specialized support that guarantees the maximum visibility on the main search engines – both during the construction process of a website and on existing sites that don’t generate enough traffic. 

SEO and positioning

Neting is able to provide specialized support to guarantee the maximum visibility on the major search engines, both in the development phase of your website, and for existing websites that are not incurring sufficient traffic.

Our organic positioning services include:

  • SEO expert dedicated to your website and in the development of your project
  • Strategic keyword definition
  • Competition Analysis for your sector and keywords, for the identification of visibility opportunities offered by search engines
  • Analysis and strategic selection of domain names and brand protection within search engine scopes
  • Optimization of your website's structural elements (meta tags, alt tags, hx tags, title)
  • Optimization of the navigational structure and contents functioning as keywords, as well as problem analysis to avoid issues caused by duplicate contents
  • Optimization of your website's URL, codes, errors, links and internal elements
  • Analysis and optimization of the Web Design (images, title, script)
  • Creating a site map optimized for search engines
  • Definition of robots.txt files
  • Support for the technologicalintegration for the correct data exchange with search engines (for example with structured data)
  • Submission of your website to various search engines
  • Creating a search engine position report (positioning on various search engines using keywords) before and after our participation and compared with the competition. Creating reports and personalized analysis according to requirements
  • Support for positioning activities, configuration of ranking monitoring systems and starting said monitoring
  • Strategic analysis of integrated digital communication (social media, mobile apps, etc.)


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