SEO Copywriting

scrivere testi all'itnerno di una pagina webThe web has different rules and techniques compared to offline copywriting; this is especially true in case of SEO copywriting.

What is SEO copywriting?

In order to produce written content that is effective for online visibility, keywords are necessary and they need to fit in the text that goes online. Such keywords don’t have to look “forced”, or search engines will notice a discrepancy with the content and will penalize the page-rank. The hard part is finding a balance between keywords and content in order to produce a fluent and coherent text that is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

Why choose a SEO agency to write your content for the web?

Neting, as a SEO agency, acquired throughout the years a remarkable experience in SEO copywriting. Therefore, it is the ideal partner for all the projects concerning communication and aiming to a bigger exposure on the web. SEO copywriting has different applications. Besides being useful for blog posting, it is crucial for the written content of websites; it is fundamental for text and content of landing pages, social networks posts and more.

This type of writing skills is crucial in order to increase the website and product visibility online.

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