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analisi web di mercato e competitors

Neting offers detailed and personalized web analysis services, depending on the goals. Analysis is crucial in order to guarantee the success of SEO operations, web advertisement, and creating a website. Neting developed a system of in-depth and detailed analysis protocols that are able to investigate and report an objective evaluation of your company’s presence on the web, in order to study a real and efficacious strategy together.

Analysis and areas of operation vary according to the goals and the type of services to develop.

Analysis of online market

It is crucial for a company to know the market they are entering in order to develop a strategy – and the online market works according to different factors compared to regular market.

Analysis of online competitors

Our analysis will tell you who your competitors are and how your company is positioned in the online market.

Keyword analysis: popularity, competition, efficiency.

Knowing what keywords your customers use to search for your product and their search volume.

Technical and semantic SEO analysis

SEO analysis is crucial for optimization and strategic results on search engines.

Analysis of users’ behavior with Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps identify the users that browse your website, understanding how they behave and help you detect their weaknesses.

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