neting sviluppo mini siti internet e landing pages per web marketingMinisites are small websites built to present a specific product or service – or they serve as landing pages for specific SEM and web marketing strategies such as search engines advertisement or e-mail marketing campaigns. Many times these sites are a fundamental supporting element to promotional activities and online commerce.

Minisites’ advantages

Here is a list of some of the benefits of having a minisite:

  • Better presentation of products and services: this is especially true in case of e-commerce websites, where a catalogue is not enough to provide a complete presentation of a product. If you want to sponsor a specific product or service, a minisite can provide great presentation, like a dedicated container in which you can decide a targeted graphic and an expanded content.
  • Improved optimization for search engines: a minisite – being dedicated to a single product – can be highly optimized with few keywords and achieve better results in term of positioning in search engines.
  • Implement of web presence related to a certain product/service: a minisite can help improve a presence on the web, increasing the chances to appear in users’ searches online.
  • Improving ROI (Return On Investment) of web marketing campaigns.
  • Improving campaign efficiency and tracking conversion and traffic data.
  • Improving the quality score of keywords employed in the ads.

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