Corporate Web Application

sviluppo applicazioni web aziendaliNeting acquired experience in creating web applications for companies – both intranet and extranet.

Benefits of web applications for companies

Neting applications allow to integrate business processes with the Internet’s flexibility, offering companies the chance to present their services to their customers and collaborators: from interactive catalogues to the access to reserved resources (price lists, availability, orders, documents, etc.) and actual production data center environment.

Corporate Web applications developed by Neting

Some of the business applications that Neting developed include:

  • Lamborghini Dealer Training Portal: a portal dedicated to the training of Lamborghini’s commercial managers
  • Dacia Web TV: a portal dedicated to the long-distance training of the Dacia – Renault net
  • ArtCalendar: Internet management to manage production companies in show business
  • MicrocarOnline: Intranet access system for distributors in the automotive sector
  • Timesheet: system to keep track of online presences and activity records
  • BeautyCenterSw: management of wellness centers online
  • SimFin: financial simulator


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