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neting supporto per redazione ed inserimento dei contenuti nei siti internetWriting for the web is a job. Content on the web and the type of information users search are completely different from offline reading, therefore there has been a transformation of copywriting on the web.

Writing for the web: the importance of visual fruition

Writing for the web means creating a text exposed to a visual fruition, therefore it is necessary to dismantle ordinary stylistic choices in order to convey the message in a concise, direct and synthetic way.

Users go through web content rapidly, looking either for information that catch their attention and invite them to read or for a quick answer to a question. This is the reason why you should never take for granted what is on your website: textual content must satisfy your potential customers’ expectations.

Neting: experts on web writing, digital copywriting and web content

Neting supports you in the copywriting activity for websites (web content management) and offers follow-ups and update of texts, news and newsletter.

Neting will also follow you in your social media activity, defining with you the goals to reach and editing blog content and social media post.

Neting also does SEO Copywriting, creating textual content with an eye for search engine optimization.

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