Direct e-mail marketing and Newsletter

servizi di direct email marketing e newslettersNeting creates targeted and productive e-mail marketing campaigns through the employment of professional software – either integrated in your website or not. We offer professional support in each step of the e-mail marketing campaign creation: from the collection of e-mail contacts to the creation of the emails and landing pages, continuing with the follow-up activity through the analysis of results and the detailed reports forwarded to you.

Why choose a professional for an email marketing campaign and newsletter?

A successful e-mail marketing campaign requires several competencies: technical skills, graphic skills, and communication skills. The message needs to be delivered correctly to the customer’s email box. The correct delivery and the functional transmission of the message depend on the technical expertise of professionals. In the second instance, the message has to be inviting and arouse customer’s curiosity and interest.

Both graphical and textual content have to be enticing, easy to understand and satisfying in order to invite the customer to click on the link and head over to your website – where a landing page is waiting for them to provide extra information on the topic. Lastly – but not a negligible matter – is the management of personal information: they have to be handled properly in order to avoid legal actions.

Neting works side by side with you during the development of direct e-mail marketing campaigns (DEM) and newsletters finalized to obtain a high conversion score.

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