New Media consulting

Ways of communicating evolve as fast as technology and human creativity.

Neting helps you keeping updated with the latest technology with a service of New Media Consultant in order to be aware of all the new opportunities for communication, visibility and digital marketing.

What are New Media?

neting fornisce servizi per new media marketingNew media is everything that came after the Internet in terms of communication. Interaction is the future, as well as simultaneity of experience shared with other people. This changed the way of communicating to the customers: there is no more “one-to-one” or “one-to-many” ways of communicating, but rather a “many-to-many”; the client and his/her judgment is part of the brand communication and marketing.

Neting offers expert advice in new media in order to create and manage your company’s online presence and the new media

Conversations among users on the Internet are so many and happen so often that companies simply cannot ignore them anymore. Neting offers a service of expert advice in new media that allows companies to take maximum advantage from new technologies and new ways of communicating on the Internet. We provide analysis and statistics related to new media, analysis of the company’s presence on the web, strategies and online marketing options and we guide your company through the most efficient actions for the market.

Our services can be grouped in the following sectors:

 We will be at your side in the creation and management of your company’s online presence.



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