Social Media Marketing consulting

social media marketing

The evolution of the market introduced a new relationship between the brand and the customer giving companies a chance to interact with customers in new, emotional ways through social networks.

Neting, your Social Media Marketing consultant

Social Media Marketing consulting provides help to companies building a reputation on social networks and representing the brand in effective and pertinent ways, increasing the opportunities to acquire new customers.

Why choose a professional to do Social Media Marketing?

Creativity, Best Practice, tools knowledge and understanding of target: these are the fundamentals of a successful marketing operation on Social Media channels.

Every brand and product has a specific market and a target with passions and specific behavior. Neting can guide you through the choice of the best social networks for your business and help you creating a strategic and personalized communication on every social network.

We provide the following services:

  • Brand Monitoring on Social Networks
  • Advertising on Social Network
  • Strategic planning of communication on Social Networks
  • Individual and Corporate training on Social Media Marketing and initial support to the project
  • Consulting on Social Media Marketing
  • Consulting on SEO related Social Media
  • Website, Blog and Social Media integration

With our expert device on Social Media Marketing you’ll increase Brand Awareness, boost your audience, acquire new contacts that might become loyal clients thanks to specific initiatives that direct them to the product or service, and improve your sales and turn your customers into recurrent and loyal clients.


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