Advertising on Social Network

neting agenzia web per la gestione della pubblicità sui social networksEvery day, millions of people spend a good amount of their time on the web browsing social networks, and this is true especially in Italy.

Advertisements on social networks are a charming opportunity for company that wish to acquire more visibility on the web and promote initiatives and products on a place where customers spend a fair amount of their free time and exchange opinions: social networks.

Why doing advertisement on Social Networks (Social Ads)?

Despite being the most popular and the most used social network, Facebook is not the only platform that allows paid campaigns. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and many others allow companies to create targeted paid ads. Usually such advertisements costs less than a regular advertising campaign and have the plus of being strictly targeted due to the massive personal info that people share on social networks.

Facebook Advertisement

Advertisement on Facebook offers multiple solutions and different types of campaigns. It allows targeting the users so that only true potential clients – chosen according to the information they provide when they sign up on Facebook – see the ad. It is possible to articulate the campaigns around geographic targets (geolocation), demographic targets (gender, age), and social targets, which are based upon interests, passion or connections to other pages, friends and groups.

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